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Bathing sites

There are plenty of ways to experience the fabulous sea of Ustica, such as rocky sites, platforms and equipped shores. This fantastic island is able to satisfy every need, thanks to a variety of bathing sites: charming coves such as Cala Sidoti, made of pebbles and black sand, or Caletta S.Maria, easy to reach even with children, with a wonderful natural acquarium where you can see fishes in their environment. For snorkeling lovers the bay of Punta Megna, or the amazing Piscina Naturale, reachable via a submarine tunnel, host a truly unique marine fauna to admire closely. Chose the right sea for you: the bays and coves of Ustica; the intimacy of Scoglitti for your holiday in two; the comfortable Cala S.Maria for your family holidays, or the wonderful amphiteater-shaped cove if you want to experience the emotions of the sea with mask and snorkel. For thosewho want to live a holiday in Sicily, where sun and sea are the true protagonists, then Ustica is the right place to choose.

For families:

Al Faro (The Lighthouse)

At the bottom of the Punta Cavazzi Lighthouse, in Contrada Spalmatore, a big concrete platform allows acces to a crystal clear sea, shallow for the first 30 meters and nestled in a picturesque scenery. The area is equipped with deck chairs and umbrellas for hire, and there is a refreshment venue nearby.

Cala S. Maria

The clean and crystalline sea of Ustica allows to bath even in the docking area, where at the base of the Acquarium, the wide bay offers a very suitable beach for children.

Cala Sidoti e Caletta dello Spalmatore

The two coves of black sand and pebbles, located within the integral zone of the Marine Protected Area (on the north west of the island), are a unique place in the world: they are very suitable for children and allow you to swim with the fishes and in harmony with the nature. It is ideal for spectacular snorkeling experiences.

For couples:


This is a coastal area at Spalmatore, next to the Piscina Naturale and at the end of the Path of the South. It is a rather intimate place where to relax in peace.

Piscina Naturale (Natural Pool)

Immediately below the Punta Cavazzi lighthouse, in the Spalmatore area, there is a stretch of transparent water enclose by rocks and connected to the sea through a submarine tunnel. Underwater, it will be easy to spot mullets and other large fishes wandering around big stones. It can be reached via a path between the rocks, which is slightly challenging.

Cala S. Paolo (St. Paul's Bay)

In the southern part of the island there is one of the few bays accessible from the ground, from the Path of the South, at a few meters from the Cave of the Boats, which is reachable via swimming instead.

Cala di Patricuono

Between the Punta dello Spalmatore and the Punta Cavazzi Lighthouse, there is the Patricuono's Bay with large boulders, a small black sand beach with equipment to hire, and a little platform.


In the northern part of the island, next to the prehistoric village and the Faraglioni (Tramontana area), there are some small inlets which are easy to access.

Sport and entertainment/fun:

Molo Alto (The High Quay)

In the Spalmatore area, right below the Bourbon Tower, there is a small quay of about 2 meters height, where to relax under the sun and from which it is possible to make spectacular dives.

Anfiteatro (Amphitheater)

Next to the Punta Cavazzi Lighthouse, in the Spalmatore area, there is a little bay with the shape of an amphitheater, very scenic and secluded. The sea is crystalline and is recommended for snorkeling.

Scogli Piatti (Flat Rocks)

At the extreme west of the Marine Reserve in the Spalmatore area and immediately after Cala Sidoti, there is part of the coast with flat rocks. This is ideal for relaxing under the sun, in a picturesque setting just opposite the Scoglio del Medico (translated, Rock of the Doctor), and for snorkeling.

Punta Spalmatore

At the eastern limit of the Marine Reserve, in the Spalmatore area, there is the homonym rocky coast, easily accessible from the High Quay.




Ustica is a magical island, a unique place where nature, sea and culture coexist to give you your dream vacation in Sicily.

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