I Love Ustica


The island of Ustica is a unique place in the world to experience the true emotions of the Mediterranean. A pristine sea, full of rare fish, makes of Ustica a unique location for fabulous diving activities in Sicily. For lovers of diving, the seabed and depths of Ustica are a true paradise: the natural coves, within the Marine Protected Area, offer themselves as useful starting points for spectacular diving or breathtaking snorkeling and watching experiences, to discover fantastic landscapes.

The seabed of Ustica is also an authentic underwater museum where it is easy to discover ancient anchors , pottery, and other magical artifacts of more distant periods.

An infinite number of seaside sites, intimate coves accessible only by sea and beautiful beaches of black sand or pebbles, await lovers of sun and tanning. The presence of an equipped site, "Al Faro" (The Lighthouse), and comfortable platforms, makes of Ustica the ideal destination for those looking for an affordable holiday in Sicily, or want to enjoy the sea with their children.
The wonders of a natural swimming pool, enclosed by a black volcanic cliff and connected to the open sea through a natural underwater passage, and the sight of the fascinating caves of stupendous colors that open onto the sea coasts, await those in search of emotions that only nature can transmit.




Ustica is a magical island, a unique place where nature, sea and culture coexist to give you your dream vacation in Sicily.

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