I Love Ustica


The summer in Ustica after sunset is tinged with new lights and colors. At sunset, Ustica's nightlife begins and it never stops. A rich selection of pubs where to a drink, or enjoy an evening with friends, make of Ustica one of the top destinations for nightlife in Sicily.

Discover the streets of Ustica town centre that in the evening are filled with lights, colors and energy. Let yourself be carried away by the positive vibrations of summer nights, sipping a drink at Kiki's or Carpe Diem, and listening to good music.

Lovers of disco music, dancing and nightlife, can go to Ailanto the disco club of Ustica, the ideal place to meet new people, and go wild with the music, until late at night.

Enjoy the sun and sea by day, music and excitement at night. Choosing Ustica for a holiday with friends, means living in a whirlwind of emotions in every moment of the day, and treat oneself with the unique energy of the Mediterranean nights..




Ustica is a magical island, a unique place where nature, sea and culture coexist to give you your dream vacation in Sicily.

Discover a preview of the places, the warmth and hospitality of this fascinating island by subscribing to the official Visit Ustica channel on Yout Tube; or relive the landscapes and emotions of your holiday on the island of Ustica whenever you want.