I Love Ustica

Visiting Ustica

In Ustica you will not only find an unspoiled sea and a blooming vegetation, but also evidence of its history and culture. For all lovers of human history, a fabulous archaeological museum, named dedicated to Father Carmelo Seminara, founder of archeology in Ustica, collects artifacts of ancient human history. Pottery, jewelry and utensils dating back to the Bronze Age, with finds from the Hellenistic and Roman times, confirm how ancient the history of this island is.

In the charming streets of the ancient village, which preserves the four-sided structure from the Roman era, you can see beautiful landscapes and fascinating views. But the houses walls are what really make worth visiting the historical center of Ustica. In recent years, thanks to an international event of mural painting, (the Aldo Riso Award, taking place every summer), these walls have become true works of art. Painters from all over the world gather each year to Ustica, to create these murals, painting landscapes, trompe l'oeil, portraits and still life. Walking the streets of the center of Ustica is like walking into an outdoors charming art gallery.




Ustica is a magical island, a unique place where nature, sea and culture coexist to give you your dream vacation in Sicily.

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