I Love Ustica

What to do

Ustica is a magical island, a unique place where nature, sea and culture, coexist to give you your dream vacation in Sicily.
Do not miss the experience, one of the few in the world, of sea watching in the dedicated zones in the integral reserve of the Marine Protected Area: accompanied by expert guides, and with the help of special equipment, you can receive a real lesson in biology admiring the rich underwater biodiversity. Clear waters and beautiful sea floors make of Ustica a paradise for diving and snorkeling , whereas stunning coves await those who want to enjoy all the poetry of the sea, marked by long baths and fabulous tan .

The pristine nature and the purity of its terrestrial reserve make this island one of the most attractive places for bird watching and trekking in Sicily. Very interesting archaeological sites and museums await all those who want to turn their beach holiday in Sicily in a true cultural holiday. Also for those who wish to combine the submarine emotion with the fascine of history, the seabed around the island is a veritable submarine museum, with amphorae , anchors and ancient artefacts awaiting to be discovered .

But the excitement in Ustica does not end at sunset!
A summer in Ustica in fact means fun and nightlife. In pubs and clubs, the summer is sparked up by music and emotions, and the night never ends, for all the young people who want to enjoy a summer full of joy and new encounters. Choosing Ustica for your holiday in Sicily, means choosing a unique place that with its natural beauty, its culture, and its nightlife, will offer you excitement and long lasting memories.



Ustica è un'isola magica, un luogo unico in cui natura, mare e cultura, convivono per darti la tua vacanza da sogno in Sicilia.

Scopri in anteprima i luoghi, il calore e l'ospitalità di quest'isola affascinante iscirvendoti al canale ufficiale di Visit Ustica su Yout Tube; o rivivi ogni volta che lo desideri paesaggi ed emozioni della tua vacanza sull'isola di Ustica.