I Love Ustica

The Fortress Falconiera

A unique place, one of the real attractions of the Island of Ustica. Ancient archaeological site from Roman times/era, where a fortress was built by the Bourbon kings for the defense of the island. The Fortress Falconiera is one of the most scenic locations of Ustica, at 157 meters high, built on the edge of an ancient crater overlooking the sea, and is a place that offers a truly unique charm.
The Fortress Falconiera is the right place to breathe the emotions of the story, and be enchanted by the breathtaking panorama; it preserves the remains of an ancient early Christian necropolis, of great historical and archaeological interest. Nature and history always go hand in hand in an enchanting combination in Ustica.




Ustica is a magical island, a unique place where nature, sea and culture coexist to give you your dream vacation in Sicily.

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