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Path of the woods

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It is definitely one of the most picturesque walks in the island: a path in the middle of large mediterranean scrubs that develops within the Terrestrial Natural Reserve, with breathtaking landscapes.

The itinerary that we propose you starts at the northern part of the town, from the little square in front of the Church of Santa Maria (literally, Holy Mary), located at the exit of the ancient district Case Vecchie (literally, Old Houses). From there there are three routes: the way Vicinale del Bosco, the street San Bartolicchio e the new asphalt road leading to the village.

You start by walking through the Strada del Bosco (literally Road of the Forest): this is an ancient path, that certainly was used by the Carbonari who, before the population of the island, used to come occasionally to exploit its natural resources. The road, restored during tehe Bourbon period, separated the cultivated lands from those intended for pasture. It was expanded and cobblestoned around the mid-twentieth century to allow the access of motorised vehicles to the old weather station, now replaced by a modern radar.

Going up, after a few meters you reach a path with steps leading to the Culunnedda (literally, Little Column) and the former Semaforo (Ustican way to address the former weather station). You will continue on the main path of the Carbonari, and a little later you will get an exceptional view of the whole plain of Tramontana with its large cultivated areas and Mediterranean scrub. During springtime, these show lovely colors: the white of euphorbias, the yellow of brooms, the purple of borage flowers, in the midst of the shades of green that stands out against the dark rocks of lava.

You will continue for about five hundred meters, until you reach the saddle of the two central hills: Guardia Grande (literally, Big Guard) and Guardia del Turco (literally, Guard of Turk). Then the path splits and continuing on the left, a little further, you wull be able to see the caves, in use until about 1970, called Grotte del Lapillo (literally, Caves of Lapillus).




Ustica is a magical island, a unique place where nature, sea and culture coexist to give you your dream vacation in Sicily.

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