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Path of the South

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The route starts from S. Maria Tower, twin of Spalmatore Tower and built by the Bourbons between 1763 and 1767; they were armed with three cannons each to defend the island from pirates.
The have a squared base, are 30 m height, and are provided with slits and dungeons.
The brickwork, above a base, is shoe shaped and made with two different construction systems: in order to ensure a greater resistance to the building, the corners are made with tuff cut in rectangular shape and carefully overlaid; in the areas between these tuff buttresses, to save on materials and labor, the masonry was created as a "sack" instead, to save on materials and labors. This was achieved by constructing two parallel walls with shapeless stones, bonded with lime mortar, and bridging the gap between these two walls with other smaller stones, bounded with mortar or earth.

Originally, the entrance to the first floor was through a drawbridge. A chimney came out from the terrace, which was also used for smoke signals and for the sentry that allowed the guards to control the horizon. Inside, on both floors, a central corridor with windows at the ends allows access to four rooms. The first floor was normally used as a kitchen, and food and ammunitions storage; in the second floor there were dormitories and a duct to report possible attacks with smoke signals. After a period of neglect, the tower was restored in 1972 to house the Archaeological Museum, now transferred to the new premises of the "Fosso" (translated, "Ditch").




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