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Path of the north coast

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Taking the road that runs along the archaeological site, you come to a fork. Going to the left, the road connects to the straight road Tramontana, whereas going to the right there is a small dirt track that leads to the coast in correspondence of the zone Punticedda. From there you can swim to the Faraglione della Colombaia (literally, Stack of the Dovecote). Shortly before, another lane leads to the Calette del Corruggio (literally, Coves of Corruggio), cobble-stoned and isolated, with some caves called Grotticelle. Further ahead there is a small canyon carved by rainwater, the Curruggio precisely, which translated means "little channel for drain". This is another way of access to the coves. A dirt track goes down to the sea, and going beyond a concrete step you reach a small bathing point called Tri Petri (literally, Three Stones).

On the left, the path leads to the Salty Gorgo, a large natural depression surrounded by a stone wall that collects and filters, naturally, the water of the surrounding farmlands. The adjective "salty" is due to the salt brought in abundance by the mistral. In the Gorgo live the last toads of the island and a countless number of bird races stop there during the migration seasons. Because of this, the site is of particular interest for the study and photography of beautiful bird specimens. Finally, the large amount of pottery shards that can be found in close proximity suggests the presence of a nearby/ancient Roman farm, where probably tiles were produced. Among the many water collection points on the island, the Salty Gorgo is the only one not made by man, who has always been in need to accumulate rainwater due to the absolute lack of natural sources on the island.




Ustica is a magical island, a unique place where nature, sea and culture coexist to give you your dream vacation in Sicily.

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