I Love Ustica

Guided visits of Ustica with Annalisa Patania

Hello! I am Annalisa: marine biologist and certified naturalist guide born in Sicily, I am incredibly passionate about Mediterranean flora and fauna.

After much experience abroad, spent learning how to discover and study places throughout their nature, I decided to come back to my country and explore it in the same manner. As of such, I love to guide people around the remote island of Ustica, surrounded solely by the Tyrrhenian Sea. Being able to share the experience I have gained through growing up here, I can guide visitors in discovering the intricate connections between the land and the sea. My tours typically involve hiking tours and snorkelling tours; experiences that will lead you on the discovery of the cultural and natural heritage of this marvellous island. With eco-friendly tourism the traveller will be able to truly get in touch with the island traditions, uncovering the rhythms that arise with each season on this little black pearl. Explore its flavours, perfumes and untouched nature, all through the eyes of a local.


Annalisa Patania
Contrada Tramontana, snc
90051 Ustica (PA)
Tel. +39 3392669707
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Ustica è un'isola magica, un luogo unico in cui natura, mare e cultura, convivono per darti la tua vacanza da sogno in Sicilia.

Scopri in anteprima i luoghi, il calore e l'ospitalità di quest'isola affascinante iscirvendoti al canale ufficiale di Visit Ustica su Yout Tube; o rivivi ogni volta che lo desideri paesaggi ed emozioni della tua vacanza sull'isola di Ustica.