I Love Ustica

Discover the Reserve

Immersing yourself in the waters of the Marine Reserve in Ustica means discovering a pure and unspoiled sea. To diving and snorkeling lovers, this magic island offers an unmatched natural environment. Crystalline water, transparent seabeds where to closely look at stunning fishes. Ustica is a true paradise for scuba diving lovers.

An island where you can really live in harmony with the sun, the sea and the nature, and where you can discover the purity of the Mediterranean sea. Inside this wonderful reserve you will find the 50% of marine species inhabiting the Mediterranean. Here the transit of boats is not allowed, so you can enjoy this fabulous marine life in total peace of mind. There are wonderful groupers, authentic queens of the sea, or even the sea bream and eels. All these fishes of rare beauty can be admired only here, where they are free to live and reproduce in total safety, turning the protected reserve of Ustica into a true paradise. There are also starfishes of very bright colors, sea urchins, sponges and nacres, that enrich the seabed for those wishing to dive deeper.

In the Marine Reserve of Ustica you can admire uniques flora and fauna, that have disappeared anywhere else. Here indeed, thanks to the purity of the sea, they can survive and appear in all their beauty.




Ustica is a magical island, a unique place where nature, sea and culture coexist to give you your dream vacation in Sicily.

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