I Love Ustica

Where to stay

A wide range of facilities for all needs, make Ustica the ideal destination for beautiful summer holidays with children, as a couple or with friends, in Sicily. A large number of hotels, apartments, bed & breakfasts, apartments, and cottages will satisfy any kind of need, in the best way.

Comfortable B&B for the young, apartments and residences for those who want to enjoy the sea with the family, and elegant hotels, make of Ustica a suitable destination for all types of users.

Ustica hospitality is world famous, guests of this magical island will find, besides facilities of a high standard and all the necessary amenities to make their stay pleasant, human warmth and hospitality without equals. Being on holiday in Ustica means feeling always like home, in a climate of friendship and cordiality.



Ustica è un'isola magica, un luogo unico in cui natura, mare e cultura, convivono per darti la tua vacanza da sogno in Sicilia.

Scopri in anteprima i luoghi, il calore e l'ospitalità di quest'isola affascinante iscirvendoti al canale ufficiale di Visit Ustica su Yout Tube; o rivivi ogni volta che lo desideri paesaggi ed emozioni della tua vacanza sull'isola di Ustica.